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Mexico, Chiapas - medium roast
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Husband & wife team, Rafael & Mercedes Carrabba roast coffee behind his violin shop in Seattle. Mercedes is the original creator of an espresso shop in Pike Place Market, Ghost Alley Espresso. Rafael has a world renowned reputation for restoring and selling fine stringed instruments. They have combined their talents to create fresh small batch roasted coffee. Their fresh roasted coffee is sold by the bag at Ghost Alley Espresso.

Mercedes first started working in coffee in high school on Bainbridge Island in the late 1980s. She worked as a barista through college. She is a child of the Pike Place Market, having grown up around the vendors, crafts community and many food entrepreneurs.

Rafael is a professional luthier and varnish maker. Many of the skills he has learned in his career lend themselves well to roasting coffee. For example; understanding color and moisture after years of working with wood has given him a unique understanding of how to roast and blend. His son, Alex, also roasts coffee. He is a graduate of University of Puget Sound with a background in business and marketing. He is also helping with business development and the marketing of the coffee. 

Together Rafael and Mercedes seek out unique coffees from around the world. They travel to farms to develop personal relationships with the farmers they buy from. They prefer medium - dark roasts, roasted just into the second crack and seek out unique origins like Tanzania and Sulawesi.

They hope to place their coffee in local shops, cafes & restaurants. If you are interested in carrying their coffee please contact Mercedes at coffee@queenanneroasters.com. In 2019 they will be expanding the roaster on Queen Anne. By working with restaurants, their goal is to bring their coffee on to menus and into the hands of local chefs for desert menus, meat rubs and sauces.


Tanzania Peaberry - Mercedes’ favorite. She prefers earthy coffees with notes of soy and caramel. This peaberry, roasted just into a medium, is excellent as a pour over or a single origin espresso. She drinks her coffee either black or with a splash of creamer.

Papua New Guinea - Rafael loves this coffee. It is sweet and creamy with a lot of milk chocolate notes. Rafael takes his coffee with cream and sugar.

Mexico - As a coffee roaster, Alex loves the Mexico. He loves the way the beans produce a uniform golden color. They also give off an amazing aroma when roasting and that smell ends up in the cup, tasting of light maple syrup and honey. Alex drinks his coffee black.

Ghost Alley Blend - Served at Ghost Alley Espresso, this blend is a rotating blend of African and Central American beans mixed with Indian Robusta. A darker coffee with brightness and a full mouth feel while maintaining notes of maple and caramel. Best as espresso but also an incredible drip. Served at the Alibi Room as their drip coffee.